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Hey, I'm

Stefan Matyba


sourcepark GmbH

Senior Data Protection Consultant since 2017

Berlin, Germany

In 2017, with GDPR on the horizon, I became a fulltime Data Protection Consultant and certified Data Protection Officer.

Having a software development background and an attacker's mindset due to my prior work in IT security, I am able to offer a holistic approach to solving data protection issues which is well received by customers. I focus on enablement and taking customers by the hand to guide them through the process of implementing GDPR-compliant, feature-rich projects.

As I have never been the stuffy type, I combine expertise with a friendly but always professional style.

sourcepark GmbH

Software Developer/Information Security Officer, 2011 to 2017

Berlin, Germany

In late 2011 my boss at the time told me he wanted to introduce me to some friends of his. I agreed and a few month later started working at sourcepark GmbH as a Software Developer and Information Security Officer.

As sourcepark mainly operates in the automotive sector, I was soon introduced to the inner workings of large enterprises and their needs. In custom software projects we built what our customers needed, tailored exactly to what they wanted.

I started consulting our customers on information security soon, which had been a private passion of mine. In 2013 we participated in an event organized by Berlin's justice senator at the time and attempted hacking his laptop live for an audience.

Over time, I wrote less code and focused more on IT security and consulting work, as did the whole company.

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

Software Developer/Systems Administrator, 2010 to 2011

Berlin, Germany

When in 2011 my professor asked me to join him at work, I decided to put my education to the first real-world test and agreed.

For a year I worked as a Software Developer and Systems Administrator for Cornelsen Verlag GmbH, a publishing company for school books, while finishing my Master's Thesis.

This job was the perfect opportunity to dip my toes in how companies work and what they need. I wrote custom software specifically tailored to my employer's needs and got the work done.

I still remember the excitement I felt when my code, based on an undocumented legacy codebase, ran for the first time — right in production, as there was no test environment. To my great relief the code ran flawlessly and what could have ended in disaster is now a pleasant memory.

Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

M.Sc. in Media Informatics, earned in 2011

Berlin, Germany

When I finished school in 2004, I decided that I wanted to study Media Informatics with a pracitcal approach. That's why I enrolled at a University of Applied Sciences.

That practical approach combined with teachers right from the industry let me dive deep into realistic scenarios and learn how the world turns, as they say.

I wrote my Bachelor's Thesis about graphs and algorithms, followed by my Master's Thesis about microcontrollers and early forms of home automation.

My Philosophy

If it can be automated, it should be

Be kind to every kind

Never stop learning

If you do something, do it with passion

Never be afraid of change

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Distributed WPA2-cracking

A client-server approach to effective WPA2 passphrase cracking, written in golang.


Biological weapons in modern times

I wrote a book about biological weapons (German only).


Time recording system

An electron/VueJS app to complement an online time recording system.
(I can't publish the source codes)

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